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National Margarita Day (2/22) is a hopeful day when thoughts turn to spring, sunshine and tasty tequila drinks.

And this year, on this special day, I’m sure some thoughts from the Margaritavilleians are for my blog, margagogo.com.  Not only is it a national margarita drinking holiday but this week, margagogo turned one.

And what a year it’s been!

I started with a tag line and a dream:  Every hour should be happy.

And suddenly, happy hours abound!

Who knew margagogo.com would unleash a culture changing, time altering movement?  Who knew that with a mere 38 posts (though WordPress claims the over-achieving blogosphere posts multiple times per week) and with 137 followers (including Twitter and nobody clicks in from Twitter) , a national and unstoppable movement would capture the imagination of drinkers everywhere?

I hate hyperbole and I’m loathe to oversell but I think in the most conservative assessment, margagogo is happily a bar-cultural game-changer.

Some examples – There are late night happy hours:

Late Night Happy Hour

Late Night Happy Hour

And displays of happy hour gumption:

Early Bird Catches the Cheap Drink!

Early Bird Catches the Cheap Drink!

Now I know what some of you are thinking.

You’re thinking, happy hour is the oldest trick in the bar playbook.  If there was a bar in the stone age (serving margaritas on the rocks of course) they’d have rock bottom prices for a few hours each day.  Some of you might even be thinking back to college days when happy hour meant ladies drink free, men pay double and everyone gets free chicken wings.

And to all of you thinking these thoughts, I say, “Cut it out!”  It’s totally my blog.

With great power comes great responsibility.  So I need to warn you of the dangers of happy hour over-indulgence.  You might not lose your head but you could come completely undone.


And your best efforts might not turn out as you expect:

It's hard to get good help these days

It’s hard to get good help these days

But if you keep your wits about you, you can not only be happy for an hour or two but expand the happiness for the entire night.

And that’s just what they’ve done at Fonda.  Fonda makes time for happy hour every night of the week and on Monday, magic Margarita Monday, the happy hour runs all night long!  If that doesn’t draw you in, the amazing food from Chef Roberto Santibanez should.


So check out Fonda, either in Brooklyn or in the East Village (NYC).

And may all of your hours be happy – especially on this very special National Margarita Day.

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Seeing as I let a 11% of the year slip by without writing a blog post, I understand if you think I’m off to a slow start in 2013.

This is where a nice “Tortoise and The Hare” reference comes in handy.

English: Galapagos islands giant tortoise feeding

English: Galápagos islands giant tortoise feeding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much like a tortoise, I’m content lounging in my house munching on leaves … I mean chocolate.  I also plan to live 100 – 250 years.  But more to the point, I’m slow but still a force.  I just need a little momentum to ramp up ….

Last night  at The 92nd Street Y, Tribeca, I found my ramp watching Smith Magazine’s 6 Word Memoir live show.  The idea is to pack a lot of meaning into just 6 words.  It seems the genesis for the idea came from a 6 word story written by Hemingway.  He wrote:  “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  Smith Magazine gives writers of all ages a forum for sharing the shortest of stories and last night, they brought  some very talented tellers to the stage.  I laughed.  I cried.  I laughed again.

I am  inspired.

6 words is the perfect bite-size blog and just the slow start this tortoise needs.  So here I go:

1. Without writing, is there a blog?  (I got the most single-day hits on margagogo.com during my hiatus so the answer is a resounding “yes”.  I’d like to thank the spam bots or the single person with excellent taste who thinks  my Pool Or Pond post is funny enough to read 196 times.)

2.  Valentine’s Day over,  Easter candy next!  (See the line about chocolate eating tortoises.)

3.  With Internet, does anyone work anymore?  (Guess where I am as I write this.)

4.  Writer’s block in fingers, not mind.  (I write a zillion stories in my head as I walk to and from work but then my damn fingers won’t type them.)

5.  Gettin’ jiggy? Yeah, don’t touch this.   (How many pop culture references can you fit into 6 words?)

6.  Happiness is friends and free dessert.  (Inspired by Estancia, my friends and yes, free dessert)

If you read Smith Magazine while at work, you can while away hours reading 6 word memoirs on everything from “attitude” to “life” to “war”.  And please check out The Y.  They have varied and interesting programs which might inspire you as they do me. They also serve drinks (don’t get your hopes up though, no margaritas).

You should get your hopes up about Estancia (460 Greenwich Street).  The  super friendly staff serves Argentine inspired fare with a flair.  The food is amazing; the wine list just long enough and the bartender is a ‘drink whisperer’ as she came up with the perfect pour for each of us.  I can’t lie, the dessert gift makes me like Estancia even more.  Especially since they don’t realize how sweet that gift really was – my friends both gave up dessert for Lent so every bite of the giant cookie and cinnamon gelato was all mine.  But dessert or no, it’s worth the trip.

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